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My book, Love Notes To Grieverswas written after the death of my dad, friend and grandmother in short succession is now out in the world. I also write on Instagram if you want to follow me there. 

At the heart of my writing on grief is learning to be with our profound losses over time, and, with that, the joys that I experience in the present is my living love letter to those yet to navigate the death of a loved one. 

My greatest joy is to write what life throws at me—healing, dealing, adventuring, relating, fucking up, connecting, loving and being. 

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angela e. morris

Angela E. Morris is the author of LOVE NOTES TO GRIEVERS. She is also a Massage Therapist and a failed wellness girlie. She writes about grief, joy, death, failing at wellness, ADHD, cults, + relationships. She also shares good music, books and art.