Amazing Angela how you can teach us about grief and miniatures in one excellent article and it all flows perfectly. That's some brilliant writing friend!

Firstly, I loved learning about miniatures. It's not a strong interest I have but if I was into them it would be the tiny paintings. The whole concept of all the miniatures blows my mind - that creators can make things that little! I can certainly see how it would be very comforting during a difficult time to focus on their intricacy and beauty.

Your words about grief are beautiful, true, and hard. It seems to me that grief has been all turned around in our culture and we have been led to believe if we are not tortuously in pain constantly that we did not love that person enough. Very bizarre. I think the more folks talk about joy and grief occurring at the same time the better we can all heal as whole humans, so thank you.

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Tiny painting! Yes, please. Thank you for reading this, and I couldn't agree more.

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